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AWS cloud storage – High-performing IT services

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Market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) owes its success primarily to continuous innovation.

On the one hand, they are constantly developing new products, and on the other, they are expanding the capabilities of the services available in response to user demand. AWS services, including the VPC cloud storage, allows you to choose the:

  • Operating system
  • Programming language
  • Web application platform
  • Database
  • And other services you need.

AWS gives you a virtual environment in which you can load the software and services you need for your application. This facilitates the migration process for existing applications while preserving the ability to build new solutions.

Ensures data security
Business and information security is of paramount importance for all businesses. Everyone wants their business secrets and data to be as safe as possible. AWS follows very strict guidelines to maintain data security.

It is much more costly to build a highly provisioned environment on your own infrastructure than in the cloud. In the case of the latter, the high cost is a fraction of the value, thanks to the economies of scale that can be exploited.

It's quick and easy to set up mobile and web applications in your cloud storage to support your day-to-day work, and managed services make them very simple to run.   
Compared to an on-premises environment, it is much easier to operate a cloud infrastructure, maintain service continuity and minimize the associated risks..
Most businesses want to add new services over time. In the age of digitalization, it goes without saying that the on-demand expansion and scalability of the IT infrastructure that serves it is essential.

The AWS Cloud infrastructure offers the possibility to flexibly expand back-office resources. Furthermore, we can reduce them, if necessary, for example when shifting the focus between services or after the completion of a major project. This allows us to tailor the size of the VPC infrastructure and the type of service platform available to our actual needs, and to align capacity accordingly.

Easy to monitor
We can manage our servers and cloud storage from a simple, transparent central management interface. With the right services in AWS cloud hosting, it's faster and more efficient to identify the cause of a potential failure and, if necessary, to troubleshoot said failures’ consequences.
By taking advantage of the solutions provided by AWS VPC cloud storage and service, we can easily see our monthly cloud costs. We get an estimate of the total monthly cost and the possibility to set alerts when costs exceed a certain threshold.

Minimizing human resources
Using AWS cloud infrastructure also allows for a subscription service on a per-use basis, with commensurate charging, and a much simpler operational environment, requiring fewer human resources.
Why should we pay for some of our services if no one is using them at a given time?
Servers and services that do not need to be available 24 hours a day do not need to run continuously. We can shut down VPC servers on a scheduled basis at night and on weekends and have them up and running again automatically before the morning.
In today's labor-scarce market, this can be an important decision factor, as it can free you from complex migration processes and costs.

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10 reasons why the AWS cloud storage-based service is highly suggested

  • Ensuring the highest level of data security for your business
  • Cost-effective
  • Adaptive VPC system to make your daily work more efficient
  • Application hosting and easy operation
  • Flexibility
  • Monitoring
  • Pay as you go system
  • Scalable IT infrastructure to provide a stable foundation for the progression of your business
  • Rapid troubleshooting
  • Minimization of human resources
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How to take advantage of AWS cloud storage (VPC) and services

A big advantage of managed services is that you don't have to deal with running the servers that provide each service. The AWS cloud storage and services takes care of these for us (e.g., upgrading the operating system, replacing hardware components, etc.). Unforeseen hardware expenses can also be minimized.

While in an on-premises environment, for example, a device may fail, costing time and money to replace. Whereas in a VPC service environment, it is different. Given that we rent the necessary server environment in the cloud, we don't have to worry about replacing hardware. So, a hardware failure does not result in downtime or loss of working hours – if it is noticeable at all.

The AWS cloud storage services and its VPC are highly recommended for all small and medium sized businesses that require the flexible services provided by the cloud and the favorable IT service infrastructure that comes with it.

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