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Dell distribution – Mixing computer and data security with performance

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A reliable selection of tools for all businesses

Due to the rapid pace of technological advancement, it will soon become more expensive to stay up-to-date and ensure that our company has the recommended modern hardware and software environment to carry out its operations, while also sustaining its desired computer security needs.

However, businesses must do every effort to stay ahead of the competition. That's why it's important to have an always updated IT system, coupled with the IT system management of a professionally recognized company, to ensure that you can gain a competitive advantage in the IT field, and keep your data security on an optimal level.

Dell – Trustworthy, cost-effective, modern, secure IT system

Dell won our vote. They make it easier for us to complete daily chores, are simple to expand, and offer the best performance and computer security we could ask for. Since Dell is one of the best technological companies in the world, they have excellent tools to help people live better lives.

Everything they do, including hybrid cloud solutions, high-performance computing, ambitious social impact initiatives, and even environmental activities, has an impact on everyone, everywhere.

3 reasons why customers settle with Dell services

  1. Cost-effective, modern IT system and asset park
  2. Reliable and secure servers
  3. Trusted computer security & data security, flexible storage

DEVICES - Work with confidence from anywhere in the world

Dell Technologies' precision workstations, monitors, and peripherals combine performance, style, privacy, and sustainability.

  • The series called Latitude are the first personal computers made with recycled carbon fiber and bioplastics derived from trees.
  • The features of Dell PCs include auto-dimming and intruder prevention.
  • Intel Adaptix Technology and ExpressResponse are used to optimize applications.
  • The very best displays for anything you might need them for: from gaming to video conference, you’ll be satisfied.
  • A wide range of peripherals, such as mice, audio, webcams, and more.

SERVERS: Identify danger and outmaneuver it with the secure Dell IT system

Data and computer security is automatically improved when you get a complete, real-time perspective of your infrastructure across all settings. Get a full, real-time perspective of your infrastructure across all environments.

At the same time, also automatically increase data security, which is provided by the intelligent Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. With Dell’s trustable and secure servers, you can:

  • Recognize potential threats.
  • Address evolving computing needs.
  • Act swiftly to seize commercial opportunities.

STORAGE: proactively find and address issues

You can save time and money by preventing storage problems from arising in the first place. You can:

  • Finish problems up to three times more quickly
  • Up to 42x faster reclaimable storage discovery
  • Up to 10 times faster predict capacity is almost full

All these features are possible with proactive monitoring and predictive analysis from the IT system provided by Dell PowerStore, powered by Intel®.

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We are not only experienced professionals who understand the ever-changing IT services and needs, but also partners who genuinely care about our clients' business success.