Software development outsourcing with Swiss liability insurance

Nearshoring or outsourcing IT-related services completely or partially could be an ideal solution when a customer has limited in-house development capacity, does not have the necessary IT skills or the budget is limited for internal IT staff.

We deliver high-quality and flexible software development outsourcing services. Whether you need continuous software development services or a few additional developers for your project, we offer the most suitable model for you. 

Our company headquarters are located in Budapest, amended with an R&D centre in Szeged and an office in London – providing physical proximity for our Western European clients with nearshoring needs.

Hungarian education system offers us top qualified IT professionals, who we select and train carefully to become the best programmers, designers or developers. Java, .NET, Android, iOS, HTML5, Oracle, PHP and Python development is avaliable for our clients.

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 We actively apply agile software development methodologies, mostly the Scrum method with 2-4-week sprints

 Agile business analysis prevents unnecessary changes


 We keep prototyping transparent with you

 We use the Redmine project management software with Scrum plug-ins

 For application prototyping we apply inVison or WireframeSketcher

 We try to achieve the best even at the planning phase, so we apply User-Experience Research Methods to understand the target audience's needs


 We contract to full delivery and back it up with Swiss liability insurance

 Delivery on time, on budget and on scope

 Any unforeseen request is covered by low-cost support contract. The unforeseen incidents are covered by guarantee


 Programming languages: .NET, JAVA, PHP, HTML5, Python

 Mobile app: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile

 Database management systems: Oracle (PL/SQL), MySQL, MSSQL


 All of our major processes are ISO-certified

 Processes are validated by the Jenkins Continuous Integration system


 We launch product with GO LIVE hypercare

 We ensure business process changeability with maintenance and support

 We are matured for more than 20 years in the IT industry, a future you can count on



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