Customized SLS Solution with Customs Compliance for Siemens Plc.

Siemens Plc. dispatched Régens to create a customized IT solution to help monitor their entire supply chain as well as support customs processes and logistics operations.  Régens' client: Siemens



Régens provides continuous and reliable service with well-prepared consultants, and their technological competencies have conclusive force.

Attila Eipel

Siemens Plc.




Tracking and management throughout the supply chain of goods was difficult and resulted in multiple data entries and incomplete information for customs reports and compliance.



A system that utilizes control points at each stage of the customs process and logistics operation, creating a reliable logging method and simpler reporting to customs authorities.


The result was the implementation of a completely unique system, Siemens Logistics Services, which offers customs compliance as well as enables data exchange and interoperability with existing tech infrastructure.