Why you should use text-to-speech technology

2020/ 25/06

Artificial intelligence can be useful in many fields of work, it can substitute or simplify work process and can provide new opportunities in informatics and in many other fields. If companies use these opportunities wisely, they can not only reduce their expenses, but also can satisfy customer needs more easily and can improve customer experience. In the followings, we would like to introduce you the benefits of text-to-speech (TTS) technology in order to show you why you need it.

The TTS or text-to-speech technology converts written texts or articles into speech that totally resembles human voice. They have been trying to improve the technology and bring to perfection for years, but the spread and general usage of machine learning algorithms meant the real breakthrough. If you have heard Siri or the voice of a GPS, then you have already met TTS applications. In this article you will meet further applications and the opportunities of the technology.

For what and how to use TTS technology

Widen your audience with text-to-speech technology

In our world today there are over 750 million people who are illiterate or have reading disorders. One of the most common is dyslexia. People with reading disorders cannot understand or have difficulties with the understanding of a text read by themselves. However, TTS technology can offer them help: by reading the text aloud, the comprehension can be easier, and by articulating and emphasizing, the text becomes fluent and easier to follow. Besides these, there are approximately 285 million people worldwide with visual impairment, of whom 39 million are blind. (In Hungary there are over 30 thousand blind people.) The usage of the Internet becomes more and more accessible for them with the help of modern innovations which involve text-to-speech. By reading a text aloud, visually impaired people can have clear access to written contents as well. With the application of TTS, more people are able to reach written content and the information can get to a wider audience, which may provide new possibilities to your company.

Enable consumption anywhere, anytime with TTS

The more online content is uploaded, the more content the people consume. These are mostly audio files, videos, podcasts that can be listened to at any time, for instance while travelling or cooking. Many people think that they don’t have time to read, so they are multitasking while listening to the news and important information. This can be supported or substituted by text-to-speech technology, because artificial intelligence can read aloud web pages or documents instead of us, so we can continue to do our duties. 
Added to this, the most online information is still in written form, and it is also simpler to search within written contents. However, there are times, for example while driving, when there is no possibility to read. In similar situations TTS technology can offer a solution and we can make inquires while driving. To sum up, text-to-speech can enable contents anywhere, anytime. Companies that use this technology can make visits on their websites much more comfortable and that can improve customer experience.

Save time and money with employing text-to-speech technology

Added to all this above, TTS is also advantageous because there is no need for another employee at a company in order to record a text read aloud, since that is exactly what the artificial intelligence can do: read the text in a human-like voice. It can accelerate some work process, for instance customer service, and also can reduce the expenses.

Improve customer experience with TTS solutions

By using TTS it is easier to maintain people’s attention as they can see, read and hear the text at the same time. With emphasis and stresses, the information is easier to follow and understand, and people are more likely to remember the content in the long run. Besides these, healthy people’s eyes also get tired if they watch monitors for long period of times. TTS can be useful for that also, so that when we feel that our eyes are getting tired, we can listen to the text. This way we don’t need to pause work, reading or surfing the internet, we can listen to the text comfortably.

Text-to-speech supplemented by other technologies offers even more opportunities

Beyond that TTS by itself can be useful and efficient for companies and for individuals, it can give us even more benefits if TTS is supplemented by other artificial intelligence technologies. TTS technology is used by smart assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. With that, they are able to read long texts, websites and documents, which can make our everyday lives smoother. Of course they use speech recognition and much more technological innovation that are essential for the devices’ complex functioning.

Speech recognition and text-to-speech is also used for marketing. Interactive voice ads come out in the recent years, mostly in the USA. These advertisements usually ask a question from the listener, and then depending on the answer, ask other directed questions like a virtual assistant or an audio chatbot. For example Wendy’s American restaurant chain’s virtual assistant asks the user if they are hungry. Then, depending on the answer, the ad continues for ex. with listing the offer, or stops. Ads like this, by involving the listeners, can raise and maintain attention more efficiently, and also makes a bigger impact which greatens your company’s success.

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