Implementation of domestic freight distribution tasks

The distribution module of Régens logistics systems enables continuous monitoring of customer orders from different channels to allow efficient and accurate work of logistics personnel. Customers can be easily kept informed of the status of their orders.

The distribution module supports mass management of distribution tasks on a clear, easy-to-use organizer interface. The tasks can be monitored during the whole process - from fixing to billing. The module supports group operations such as importing data, pricing, status management, feedback, and billing.

Our web-based portal solution, which is linked to the module, enables the supply chain operators to work together and get real-time information.

With the web-based portal, we offer a platform for managing and following the tasks of domestic and international supply chain operators.

Consignments are provided with a unique identifier, allowing logistics service providers to work accurately, efficiently and quickly with online barcode readers.

What does the Régens Distribution offer?

  • Fast and easy handling of orders
  • Receiving and status reporting through an EDI Interface
  • Status tracking, automatic pricing
  • Group accounting, invoicing
  • Online barcode reader handling
  •  Integrable with web portals


  • Partner Register
  • Order organization
  • Handling of cargo
  • Invoicing
  • Queries
  • Subcontracting support
  • Connection with other systems
    • Régens LogiStock
    • Régens GroupBy 
    • Tasks received through an EDI interface from external systems
    • Invoicing transfer to the Régens Book system
    • Report Manager