6+1 ways to use Artificial Intelligence-based speech recognition for business purposes

2019/ 16/10

The significance of Artificial Intelligence-based applications is no longer disputed, but their actual applications and utilization in business environments are not widely known. In the following, we would like to demonstrate the practical utility of such a system through our own speech recognition AI solution.

As a result of our research and development activities in the field of applications supported by artificial intelligence, we have developed AIrite, a speech recognition solution optimized to the Hungarian language, which offers a wide range of capabilities to make your company’s everyday work more efficient. We now want to highlight the business benefits of an AI-based speech recognition system by going through these capabilities.



1. Dictation to business applications

Speech recognition provides a great solution to dictate directly into business applications. With proper integration, it is possible to dictate to the popular applications like Word or Outlook or even to custom business applications.

2. Creating transcripts

AIrite is well-suited to any work environment where the creation of for example interview transcripts, or meeting memos is a critical daily task. The solution handles lowercase and uppercase letters, sentence boundaries, punctuation, and a multi-speaker identification feature is currently in development.

3. Text analysis

The text recognized can be automatically categorized or the most relevant keywords can be retrieved by the system. The solution uses mood analysis to determine intonation of the text (e.g. satisfied/dissatisfied customer). The creation of a few sentence excerpt of the text is a further development possibility.

4. Optimization for unique vocabulary

The speech recognition algorithm was taught using a general vocabulary, but can be further optimized using the specific vocabulary of any given field, thus greatly extending the range of areas in which AIrite can be effectively applied.

5. Searching in audio and video files

The complex search capabilities of the application make it easy to search in audio files of even a huge database, eliminating the need for hours of listening to audio and video materials for one single expression. The system can determine the exact time of the recording where the searched expression occurs making it easy to listen to the necessary parts.

6. Generating timed subtitles

AIrite can be effectively used to create subtitles for audio and video files. The solution automatically generates subtitles that are timed to milliseconds, and fits perfectly into the audio or video file.

+1 Voice control

Within a custom development project, the solution can help you handle smart speakers, voice-controlled assistants and other robots in Hungarian, or develop a unique voice-based control system for devices that don't have this feature yet.


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