1. User shall share true to life data. RÉGENS does not assume liability for damages caused because of false, insufficient registration. The User shall assume liability for all damages caused to RÉGENS because of willingly false registration. Should the User register false data, he is obliged to report this through email or through the application to the Régens without delay. We may register User’s personal data through login name and password given by the User during the registration. User may freely amend or delete his data from the data base. Should you confront any technical or other issues in connection with this, your data can also be amended or deleted from the data base by employees of the company, on your request. 
By sharing these data User approves, that RÉGENS handles the data shared as below for fullfilling the service in the application. The Régens informs the User, he may assign subcontractor for the fullfillment, to operate the application, which subcontractor may handle the data of the User. 

2. Régens may eventually use cookies. Cookies are small data files that are transferred to the User’s hardware tool during the use of the application and are used for identifying the sites/pages visited. The objective of Régens when using cookies is to make the use of the website and its contents easier and to meet User’s demands faster. The RÉGENS realises the information handling stored by the cookies with the Google Analytics, the collected data will be stored on the servers of the Google Inc, for which the Google data protection directives are valid.

3. We inform you that our applications do not share your personal data, so as data input (touched buttons and its order), the call lists, SMS, contacts, photos, videos, bank card data, passwords etc. neither with the Régens nor with any third party. 

4. The RÉGENS is governed by the data protection orders and laws in effect by handling personal data and he obliges his subcontractors as well for meeting the requirements ordered by law. The User has the right for information, asking for measure or protest according to the CXII. law from the Year 2011. 

5. The User acknowledges that for the content, data protection and regulation, data handling on webpages operated by third parties and linked in the application respectively for the behaviour of these third persons the Régens may not assume liabilitiy.

6. The User may voluntarily download the application and use it. RÉGENS will do its best to guarantee the authenticity and timeliness of the data featuring on the application or originating from it, but User may only use the information at his own risk. 

7. RÉGENS continuously operates and maintains the application, however, it may be unavailable for brief periods due to unforeseen events. RÉGENS does not assume responsibility for eventual direct or indirect damages to User arising from the above. 

8. The application may contain mistakes and failures, that may cause data or information loss or damage effecting programs on connected computer, device or periphery (including for example and not exlusively servers and other computers). Before starting application it is recommended to make a backup about the data and information stored on the computer, device or periphery. With the download of the application the user accepts and acknowledges, that the use of the application happens solely on the risk and  liability of the User.  
9. The RÉGENS does not assume liability:
a. For damages and costs originating from registration with not true to life data,
b. For damages originating from the not or partially not fullfilled cooperation obligation of the User,
c. For damages originating from connecting the application with unassigned program, respectively from the improperuse of the application, 
d. For the authenticity of the infromation in the application and the published comments.

10. The Régens is entitled for intellectual works in connection with the application, the not orderly or contract suitable use of the application hurts intellectual property rights and may base civil or criminal liablility. The User may use the application himself, he may share the right of use of the application only if the content or goal of the application makes this possible.

11. The User is liable for the data, informations, communication content shared by him, he may not hurt, endanger laws or other person’s rights, or lawful interests during the use of the application. The RÉGENS reserves the right to remove all contents, that are hurting other person’s rights. The user acknowledges that during the use of the application he may come in contact with other users. The RÉGENS does not assume liability for other’s users hurting, not lawful behavior, furthermore for data, content shared by other users. In case of iOS applications according to the regulation in the operations agreement byApple, persons who are resident in country against which the US government ordered embargo or which was qualified by the US Government as country sympathizing with terrorists or which is on the prohibited countries list prepared by the US Government are prohibited to use the application. The User declares by accepting present terms of use that there are no grounds for disqualifications included in this paragraph against him. 

12. The User approves that his results in the application may be published or shared on the FACEBOOK, eventually on other public social media sites.

13. We inform you, that you have the possibility to register to our applications with your FACEBOOK, GOOGLE PLUS, TWITTER and LINKEDIN account. During the registration the application may ask access to your profile data, for the purpose to ensure the highest user’s experience, respectively the tailor-made service:
FACEBOOK: public profile data, email address, contacts, visited advertisements, age
GOOGLE PLUS: public profile data, email address, contacts,  age
TWITTER: tweet messages, followers, followings
LINKEDIN: public profile data, email address, shares, contacts.
Our data protection policy is valid for the data listed above. In case you do not agree to the share by application of the above data, please do not use the registration possibility. 

14. To the use of the application suitable hardware devices, internet access and certain software are necessary, furthermore updates may be needed by time to time; the use of the application may be influenced by above factors or operations. 

15. Certain applications of the RÉGENS may be used in regular subscription (by regular fee payment obligation). The actual application contain informations about the name of the application, about the possibility or necessity of subscription, about the frequency of payment, payment method, the exact sum of payment, about the automatic prolongment in lack of waiver, in case of automatic prolongment the period of payment obligation and all other essential information about the subscription. The User may handle his data in connection with the subscription himself, with the fact, that during valid subscription period the subscription may not be waived, except the own conditions of the application allow. We would like to draw your attention, that in case you order the subscription, all free for trial, but not used application possibility respectively part of that will loose effect and the application may be solely and exclusively used in subscription.  

16. By using the application the legal relation will be established between the User and the RÉGENS, so the User acknowledges, that Apple and Google (hereinafter: suppliers) contributing in the operation of the application do not assume liability and does not warrant for the application, the maintanance, upkeeping, for damages and consequences, enventually mistakes and defaults, infringements of intellectual property rights.  The User obliges himself that he validates all claims in connection with the application solely and exclusively against the RÉGENS.

17. For matters not regulated in this document the Hungarian law, especially the Civil Code and the Hungarian Laws in effect are valid. In case of legal dispute Hungarian Court has competence and jurisdiction according to the Hungarian Code of Procedure.

18. By accepting the terms of use and by its use through the application operating suppliers, the User and the Régens acknowledge, that the contributing suppliers are beneficiaries of the terms of use and they are entitled to validate these terms against the User.

19. We inform you, that amendments of this documents will be pronounced on this site, and about the fact of the modification the User will be informed through the change of the date of effect, and through the change list by issuing of the application version. We suggest, you check and interpret  time by time the amendments to get acquainted with the terms of use and data protections guidelines in effect. 

Effective from 1 December 2015.
Should you have questions or comments, please contact us at the following address:

Company name: Régens Zrt. 
Seated and office: 1117 Budapest, Prielle Kornélia utca 19/D.
Phone: +36 1 205 3090
Fax: +36 1 205 3094
email: info@regenseurope.com
webpage: www.regens.net
data protection contact person: Tamás Varga