New Régens service in the cloud: CustomRs Cloud

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New Régens service in the cloud: CustomRs Cloud

New Régens service in the cloud: CustomRs Cloud

2016 / 11/03

Our popular customs IT solution, CustomRs has become available from the cloud. With CustomRs Cloud service you can avoid hardware and software investment costs and reach your data anywhere, anytime.

Our new service CustomRs Cloud is a complex solution to support customs clearance informatics – including the software, customer support, IT infrastructure and operations alike. 

The Saas CustomRs Cloud is available in 2 packages.

Choose Start Cloud Package if you need a professional customs IT solution without initial investments and if you have standard commercial customs procedures.

Pro Cloud Package is recommended in case of complex processes and if customized services are highly important for you.

Stable, reliable IT background, flexible access and our expert system are part of both packages, guaranteeing a simple and quick solution.

Ask for a free demo to try the new CustomRs Cloud service.

More information, demo access.