The idea of Clare came to us when one of our clients explained to us what the participants of the customs clearance process have to face: keeping track of the production of the goods, making statistics, registering the products, and sharing the data connected to the process – and these are just a few of the challenges of customs clearance. We aim to create a system where everything and everyone is connected, and the process is smoother and most importantly, automatic.

Why choose CLARE?

CLARE provides you all the features you need during customs clerance.

Make everything automatic

There are parts of the customs clearance process which are compulsory – why should we not automate them then?

Easy integration

Our software can easily be integrated with
the most popular existing ERP systems (including SAP).

Connect everything and everyone

CLARE allows the participants of the process to communicate with their national customs office and with each other as well.

Full control

You can follow every single step from the beginning to the end. Lost in paperwork? All information is archived within the system.

Skip the boring part

Customs clearance legislation always changes – and Clare is ready for these changes.. Whenever the laws are updated, the software is, too.

We are there when you need it

The software comes with online customer service, so if you feel you are stuck with a problem, just drop us a line.

Modules of CLARE

Thanks to the flexible design of our application, you have the opportunity to purchase only those modules that you really need.

SAD module

The SAD module supports the completion and
printing of administrative documents used during standard customs procedures as well as communication with the authorities.

NCTS module

NCTS (New Computerised Transit System) is an integrated system used by countries that are signatories of the Common Transit Convention.

Simplified procedures module

This module supports the completion and printing of administrative documents used during standard customs procedures as well as communication with the authorities.

Customs warehousing module

The module supports the standard or simplified customs warehousing procedure including the stock management of goods subject to the customs warehousing procedure.

Temporary storage module

If the goods are ready for customs inspection, they are subject to temporary storage until cleared. The module ensures the management of the temporary storage register.


Régens is an international software and web developer company with offices in Budapest and London. We specialise in bespoke software development, and we feel that our greatest professional achievements are all in connection with customs clearance solutions.


Custom[R]s is one of our already existing customs clearance softwares. We are proud that we managed to create a system which was perfectly compatible with the Hungarian customs legislation (and it is also upgraded whenever the legislation changes) and which can easily be integrated with any existing system that a company uses.

However, this wasn't enough for us. We would like to step out of our comfort zone, and create Europe's leading customs clearance software.

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Should you be interested in Clare or just have any queries or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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